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Scrap Book 2

The scrapbook was compiled by Robert Sobukwe whilst held on Robben Island. The cover page is signed by Robert Sobukwe 'RMS Robben Island, 1963' and 'South Africa: 2nd book'.

The newspaper cuttings in this scrap book cover relate issues of Nationalist Party view points from the newspaper Die Burger; administration of justice in South Africa; Hoover Institute bursary for Rand Daily Mail reporter Benjamin Pogrund; politics and the church; Darius 'Ndaru' Dhlomo, former soccer captain marrying a white woman in Holland; calls to train non-whites as artisans; UN Security Council resolution for an arms embargo against South Africa; four man held in detention after Rivonia Liliesleaf farm raid, escape from Marshall Square including Arthur Goldreich, Harold Wolpe, Mosie Moolla, and Abdulhai Jassat; how Apartheid isolates South Africa; James Kantor to be tried under Sabotage Act, with photographs of Rivonia trialists; Miriam Somana suing her former husband Brian for divorce, on the ground of adultery with Winnie Mandela; Dr. Dan Phule Kunene awarded Carnegie Grant; Potlako Leballo reported alive in Basutoland; artist Gladys Mgudlandlu selling 43 of her paintings in Cape Town gallery; how solitary confinement affects prisoners, by Professor Kurt Danziger; case of Rev. Arthur Blaxall; Nana Mahome wanting PAC office in New York; Vorster's attacks on NUSAS; 'V.I.P. detainees' Robert Sobukwe and Hazel Goldreich.

Scrap Book 3

The newspaper clips were collected by Robert Sobukwe whilst held on Robben Island.

Newspaper coverage of the reign of two Popes, John XXIII, and his successor Paul VI; issues of religion, the churches and race relations; series of interviews by Benjamin Pogrund with various church representatives; Walter Sisulu giving evidence at the Rivonia trial about ANC decision to train guerrillas; political map of Africa in 1967; banned academic Dr. Hoffenberg leaving South Africa; photographs of Nikita Khrushchev, Prime Minister of Soviet Union; Madie Hall Xuma leading march of Black & White in Washington; UN walk out at General Assembly in protest against Apartheid after speech of Mr Jooste, chief delegate of South Africa; various articles by Wayfarer relating to religious matters; news from the African continent.

Scrap Book 1

The scrapbook was compiled by Robert Sobukwe whilst held on Robben Island. The cover page is signed by Robert Sobukwe, together with the text 'SOUTH AFRICA - LOCAL'.

It includes news paper cuttings relating to details of Sobukwe's conditions of imprisonment on Robben Island, with reference to a parliamentary debate on the 'No Trial' Bill (later called Sobukwe Bill), as announced by B.J. Vorster, the Minister of Justice, which stipulated that Sobukwe could be detained further, after his three-year sentence expired; a photograph of the house in which Sobukwe was held, an ex-Navy barrack, out of sight of the other prisoners on Robben Island; articles and photographs about his wife Veronica and children; Kaizer Matanzima and Transkei politics; race relations in South Africa; articles relating to PAC arrests; POQO; (Potlako) Leballo letters from Basutoland, leading to the arrest of two women, Cynthia Lichaba and Patricia Lethala; NUSAS congress at the University of the Witwatersrand; Apartheid laws; arrests of ANC MK leaders at Liliesleaf farm in Rivonia; Philip Kgosana's attack on Patrick Duncan; scholarship offered to Robert Sobukwe; leadership crisis in PAC.

Scrap Book 4

The newspaper clips were collected by Robert Sobukwe whilst held on Robben Island.

The newspaper cuttings relate to Robert Sobukwe's treatment in prison; his application for an exit permit; Zephania Mothepeng charged with being a member of the PAC; Potlako Leballo to be expelled from Basutoland and going into hiding; Patrick Duncan and the split of the PAC; Robert Sobukwe denied to leave to US where he is offered a home and work; plea and debates to change the Sobukwe clause; Veronika Sobukwe appeals for her husband; leadership battle for PAC in Basutoland; the Church and race relations; 90-day detentions; newspaper article with the interview and photographs of Robert Sobukwe by the newspaper Sunday Express in Pretoria prison, with handwritten comments 'False'; African politics and leaders, Kwame Nkrumah, Milton Obote, Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda; Robert Sobukwe third year on Robben Island; Helen Suzman debate on Sobukwe clause in Parliament; telegram from 'Godwin' to Robert Sobukwe on Robben Island saying "will see you tomorrow, 24th", dated 23 May 1967; Matanzima brothers accused.