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Artists: Thami Mnyele and Albio Gonzalez

Medu Art Ensemble

Amsterdam Conference

This speech given by Thami Mnyele entitled "Observations of the State if the Contemporary Visual Arts in South Africa" was presented at Amsterdam conference in December 1982. Mnyele gives his impression of the state of the graphic art in South Africa. He explains how he got involved in politics while he was a student and how he wanted to understand his role as an Artist in the struggle. Mnyele contends that struggle and strife that manifests in the arts is linked to broader socio-political issues and thus, any art that is produced must not be "blind" to the "social stream from which art feeds: the community".

Medu Art Ensemble

Art and Revolution in South Africa: The Theatre of Athol Fugard

In this paper, it is argued that the theatre of Athol Fugard very rarely engages with the experiences of the proleteriat and the oppressed. The author argues that while Fugard did manage to transcend racial categories in his early work and engaged extensively with the scene and identities of the black working classes, he has failed to consistently produce meaningful plays which engage these audiences.

Medu Art Ensemble

Art Handbook for Teachers

Medu collaborated with the Botswana National Museum and Art Gallery to design an art handbook for teachers as part of education. The handbook was designed by Ellen Forrester on behalf of Medu and used in Botswana schools.

Medu Art Ensemble

Art Toward Social Development: An Exhibition of South African Art

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  • 10 June 1982 - 10 August 1982

A background to the Exhibition of South African Art called "Art Toward Social Development" that was held on the 10 June to 10 August 1982 at National Museum and Art Gallery in Gaborone, Botswana. The exhibition reflects a panorama of South African art in 1982 through paintings, photographs and sculptures. The entire spectrum of South African society is reflected here. The first page of the document introduces the exhibition. Subsequent pages include a list of the artists and their artforms as well as biographies of the exhibitors.

Medu Art Ensemble

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